Can I really get a software engineering job?

How to get a software engineering job without a Computer Science degree

  • NPE

I think a common fear that people have is whether or not they'll be able to get a job as a software engineer without a Computer Science degree. The short answer is that it's completely possible and I know plenty of amazing software engineers who don't have a Computer Science degree. The slightly nuanced answer is that a Computer Science degree is evidence that you understand software engineering fundamentals so without one, you'll need to provide other evidence to potential employers.

There's a lot of software engineers out there who went to an university and got a degree in Compute Science. Once they graduated, they got a job at a company writing code for a living. That's one path to becoming a software engineer. And while there's a lot of people who followed that path, it's not the only path. In my career at startups, Google and even Facebook, I've met people who didn't study Computer Science and whose first job as an adult wasn't remotely related to writing code. And as I said earlier, a degree in Computer Science is one way to demonstrate what you know to employers. There's lots of other ways to demonstrate your knowledge (once you've gained it of course). For example, you can attend a bootcamp for developers, work on open source projects, build a site/app on your own, volunteer for non-profits, etc. In the future, we'll go over some of these options and help you get started. But first you'll need to develop the knowledge, so get started on learning how to code.